Honfleur  Temp and Mono-1


September 20 – November 1 –  TEMPERAMENT • MONOLITH 

Garth Fry, Dan Gray & Peter Krsko 

TEMPERAMENT • MONOLITH presents the work of Garth Fry, Dan Gray and Peter Krsko in a site-specific exhibition. Each artist focuses on one medium (metal, paper, wood) and also contribute to creating two stand alone walls that unite the space.

Fry’s current works expand into the three-dimensional realm as a result of the personal escape from solitude. His paper coils are created in a meditative state that allows the exposure of hidden feelings through a layer-by-layer process.

Gray seeks structure through rhythmic, mono-component forms and generates pieces that result from an investigation into alternative building strategies. Predominantly composed of rods in a method influenced by weaving, these prototypes are pushed towards sculptural entities; they are meta bodies of both shelter and decor.

Built out of wood, Krsko’s sculptures reveal the limits of the material while challenging its inherent flatness in geometrical and societal contexts. The large walk-in assemblages embody the artist’s memories and personal relationships, which are inseparable and parallel to natural forms and structures.