Rhymes With Opera perform @ Honfleur

Free Concert at Honfleur Gallery:

Saturday, December 3rd @ 1pm

Saturday’s program includes “KETAMYTH,” a tripped out tale of ketamine and the near-death experience; a musical setting of “Goblin Market,” the Christina Rossetti poem about two sisters seduced by goblins; “Numbers/Dates” (sadness, despair, disgust, contempt), an exploration of emotions and the voice.
“KETAMYTH” composed by Ruby Fulton with words by Baynard Woods. “KETAMYTH” directed by Britt Olsen-Ecker, performed by RWO (Elisabeth Halliday and Bonnie Lander, sopranos; Robert Maril, baritone; George Lam, conductor and violin; Ruby Fulton, accordion and laptop).
“Goblin Market” composed by Douglas Buchanan and “Numbers/Dates” by Thomas Limbert.
Preview the band at: www.rhymeswithopera.org
Press/Questions: Amy, 202-580-5972
Concert is funded in by the NEA.