Reincorporation Jamboree: July 2009

Reprinted from Brightest Young Things

Words by: Chris Svetlik.
Photos by: Chris Svetlik and Sam Goldstein

Last Friday the Honfleur Gallery had the opening of a new exhibition in a bright spiffy building in the Anacostia neighborhood. Poised on charmingly-named Good Hope Road, the Honfleur sits next to a series of dollar stores, including the first all-night dollar store I’ve ever seen – fun.

The exhibition being unveiled was titled ‘Reincorporation Jamboree.’ I couldn’t really figure out what that meant, but the art was all pretty and fun and colorful. Probably the coolest was the series of photos downstairs showing dudes doing crazy/sexy shit. Like one of a bunch of men beating on a pinata in their Jockeys.

IMG_0313 IMG_0276 IMG_0237 IMG_0205

There was also a great big old-timey country-looking bucket of beer, as well as Charles Shaw galore – for free! God bless gallery openings.

Then came the band – the Bellevederes. A nine-piece funk and soul band from Baltimore. Despite being fearsome contenders in the World’s Whitest-Looking Funk/Soul Band Contest, they definitely knew how to get down. Horns blazed lines that would make even Herb Alpert think twice. The two docile-looking lady-singers turned out to have some major pipes. And the guitarist had a killer beard. They had their shit together.

Despite the fact that everything played was irresistibly danceable, the crowd started out being shy and scared to move their bodies. But eventually the funky jams and the two-buck Chuck kicked in and a few brave/cool souls got down on the dancefloor.

IMG_0343 IMG_0244 IMG_0288

The gallery owner Amy was out snapping pics and mixing it up with the crowd and the band, who she’s buddies with. Apparently she also plays cello in a band that plays music like in David Lynch movies, so keep your eyes out for that.

Another gallery down the street, Vivid Solutions, was also having an exhibition – something about books, wallpaper, and mystery. I never made it cause the band was too cool to leave at Honfleur. Luckily Sam snapped some pictures at Vivid Solutions.

IMG_0348 IMG_0198 IMG_0375 IMG_0364 IMG_0359 IMG_0355 IMG_0353

IMG_0221 IMG_0229 IMG_0220 IMG_0248 IMG_0247 IMG_0213 IMG_0203 IMG_0295 IMG_0322 IMG_0321 IMG_0201 IMG_0197 IMG_0192 IMG_0185 IMG_0191 IMG_0200


and now some more snaps by Sam:

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