Frédéric Nauczyciel


Our Time Ahead: Anachronism and Utopia in the French Countryside 


curated by Amy Cavanaugh Royce (Executive Director at the Maryland Art Place)

press and VIP preview: May 3 at 6pm, rsvp to

opening reception with artist: May 4th, 7pm

exhibit dates: May 4 – June 29

Upon seeing proofs from the series Our Time Ahead  by Frédéric Nauczyciel I knew immediately there was something significant and special about his photography. The more I learned about Frederic, the series, and his way of production, the more interesting this body of work became. Our Time Ahead takes you to a place of history while simultaneously drawing a familiar connection with modern life. The photographs prompt the viewer to consider their lives, the role of the countryside today, farming and other rural lifestyles through a subconscious co-mingling of contemporary living. For instance, more recent movements towards buying local, supporting independent farmers, crop sharing and other ways of integrating modern life with our food source. This was the first notion that came to my mind, although the work has much more significance than just the aspect of food and farming.

Honfleur Gallery, known for its support of French artists, is a fitting venue for this series of work. Our Time Ahead is a body of photography that a community, such as the Anacostia community, may not be able to enjoy unless they take the trip over the river to the Museums on the National Mall. More plainly, works such as these are not as accessible to the community Honfleur is housed in. It is a lovely and wonderful offering to the Historic Anacostia corridor, one I hope local patrons will spend some time with and enjoy.

-Amy Cavanaugh Royce

Le Temps Devant produced and funded by ARCH Development Corporation in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise of Washington. Sponsored by French Cultural Services, NYC & Centre Photo Lectoure.