Fotoweek: November 2008

reprinted from And Now, Anacostia

FotoWeek DC this week in Anacostia

This week is FotoWeek DC, and the Honfleur Gallery and ARCH are hosting a variety of photographers and exhibits at each of its buildings in Anacostia. This is pretty awesome, so don’t miss out.

Shows will run from noon to 8 PM, November 18-22.

The Honfleur Gallery (1241 Good Hope)
photography and artworks by John K. Lawson, author of the self published novel Hurricane Hotel and survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Lawson lost his entire life’s artworks in the floods of the storm and has since recreated the work using salvaged Mardi Gras beads, snap shots, and retraced drawings encased in encaustic wax. Also, expect to see C-Prints of crumbling walls presented in a symmetrical abstract format.

The ARCH Training Center (1231 Good Hope)
the works of local photographers seeking to exhibit during FotoWeek DC. Selected local photographers will get their chance to exhibit up to four pieces at the ARCH Training Center in exchange for a few hours (no more than five) of volunteer work to help keep ARCH and its buildings open during the week-long event.

The ARCH Business Center Atrium
(1227 Good Hope)
information center and small exhibit space for short term represented photographers of the Honfleur Gallery, including works by Phil Stein, Cathlyn Newell, and Holly Andres.

Anacostia Gateway Building
(Good Hope at MLK)
unique large-scale digital photography by Jean Francois Rauzier. Coining the term “hyper-photo” for his surreal, larger-than-life photographic scenes, Rauzier incorporates extremes of scale to his advantage. While the artworks, which range from six feet wide up to nearly 25 feet, feel dramatically expansive, the minute level of detail draws the viewer in to examine the picture within inches of the surface to notice even the most subtle detail.

“poppies”, by JF Rauzier

American Poetry Museum (1922 MLK)
exhibiting two generations of body work. Renee Woodward, a Washington, D.C. native, and Jean-Francois Bauret of Paris, France, will exhibit black and white photography, primarily nudes and faces, examining the body, line and light. The show will be curated by Woodward and will exemplify and contrast the two views, both generational and geographical towards this specific type of photography.

Vivid Solutions (2208 MLK)
showcasing the National Geographic Photo Camp 2008 exhibit. This display will show youths’ perspectives on the camp’s overarching theme of conservation, the environment, and connecting to the landscape. As a domestic and international program, the exhibit includes work from camps in the Bronx, New York; Santa Monica, California; the Chesapeake Bay, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, Costa Rica, the Appalachian Trail in Virginia; Taos, New Mexico; and, Vinalhaven and North Haven Islands, Maine.

Photo Camp strives to use photography as a catalyst for positive and constructive conversation and experiential learning, all with the help of talented mentors and professionals from the National Geographic family.

Special Events

• Tuesday, November 18 (11 AM)
Honfleur Gallery: Artist John K. Lawson will provide an artist talk and exhibition tour of his artworks for youth ages 12 years old and up.

• Wednesday, November 19 (7:30 PM)
Honfleur Gallery: John K. Lawson reads excerpts from his book “Hurricane Hotel” at the Honfleur Gallery during the American Poetry Musuem’s Intersections Poetry Series.

• Saturday, November 22 (2 PM)
Honfleur Gallery: In partnership with the Transformer, Honfleur will present a panel discussion on printing/publishing artist books.

photos by DG-rad