Finder-Maker curated by Megan Maher
Eric Celarier, Ani Hoover, Nicole Salimbene

Exhibition: April 21 – June 3
Opening Reception: April 21, 6 – 9 pm | Workshop w/ Ani Hoover: April 22, 1 – 3
Panel Discussion + Closing Reception: June 3, 1 – 4 pm

Artists Eric Celarier, Ani Hoover and Nicole Salimbene use trash to create powerful pieces of art by reusing cast off items. The repetition of forms references the long tradition of textile crafts such as quilting which often used discarded materials to create a new work; a form of ecology born out of necessity. For these artists, process and scale are important to their work because it mirrors the scale of our trash; in this current climate, they have an intrinsic message about how we treat our planet. Read the full press release here.