Stephan Laplanche

Stephan Laplanche’s abstract paintings stand outside the trends of the contemporary art scene, continuing, and expanding on, the work of the Second Generation of American abstract expressionists such as Diebenkorn, Norman Bluhm, Alfred Leslie and Joan Mitchell.Laplanche attended the classes of the Janos Ber Workshop in 1985, where he learned observation, charcoal drawing and oil paintingtechniques. His pictorial approach was drawn from striving to solve issues of composition, masses, rhythm and expression. Moved by the emotional impact contained in the works of Sam Francis or Bram Van Velde, Stephan Laplanche immersed himself in all aspects of visual abstraction, convinced of his own need to explore its freedom and expressiveness. Laplanche’s work stands at the crossroads between self-assertion, Hartung’s ‘action on canvas’ and withdrawal. A particular attention is given to randomness, as well as the unequivocal respect owed to matter. These back-and-forth exchanges strengthen Laplanche’s confidence in the canvas as a place of discovery, enabling him to find a deeply personal language, with color materializing it in terms space and battlefield.