John K Lawson

John K. Lawson is a modern artist with old world sentimentality which translates into cohesive, thoughtful bodies of work. From his installation based bead works to his multi-media collaborative efforts, Lawson explores his art on varying levels. More often than not, his work is influenced by his life’s experiences and the current social climate.

John K. Lawson was born in Birmingham, England, in 1962 and raised mostly in the countryside until his family moved to South London when he was a young teenager. He first came to America on a student exchange program in engineering at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. There his artistic abilities were encouraged, and he returned to England two years later to concentrate on landscape painting. Eventually, Lawson was drawn back to the Deep South, and soon became part of an underground art culture in New Orleans that included working in tattoo, T-shirt and mural designs long before these mediums became mainstream.

John K. Lawson was formally picked up by the Honfleur Gallery, Washington D.C. after presenting works relating to his experiences during Hurricane Katrina through a Social Arts Initiative funded by the Deputy Mayors Office of Planning and Economic Development in Washington, D.C. Since 2008 Lawson has held workshops for at risk youth, engaged in poetry readings, and presented a second show at Honfleur in 2009 titled, “Now and Then.” More recently, Lawson exhibited a small retrospective at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery (2011.)


Figures in Jazz book is available through contacting the gallery or 202-365-8392.

The book is original poems and collages about jazz legends.