Jean Noel L’Harmeroult

It is outside the camera that the «Non-Photos» are born! No lens conducting the rays of lights to go and hit the film!

For 30 years, my professional occupation was to photograph the most beautiful girls on the planet for the Fashion and Beauty magazines, in Europe than in New York City.

Thousands of reels of film have lived their lives inside my cameras recording what I was seeing but always, little parts of them were acting independently, catching the life of the lights that my eyes couldn’t even see…

Just before I closed the back of the camera, the magic action was operating. Anywhere I was on the earth, life was imposing on me its own and personal representation, using the equipment I was carrying.

Opening my Kodachrome boxes after processing was completed, there was a little piece of plastic holding its own souvenir of the past trip that was showing up first, saying, “Hello, here I am! Look at me!”

From these millions of surprises which I have always paid attention to, I selected a few…

Here they are above, giving life to this particular exhibition of «Non-Photos»