Delphine Perlstein

Born in Paris in 1966, Delphine Perlstein studied dance and design. Later, she began studies in sociology, only to return to visual arts, dedicating herself exclusively to painting. According to the artist, what she wishes above all is that the works remain “painterly,” that the viewer sees the pencil marks, the smears of paint, revealing a living, organic aspect of the materials. Perlstein utilizes collage techniques and mixed media effectively to this same end.

Perlstein had her US debuts in Boston and Los Angeles in 2001, meanwhile pursuing her career in France, where her work can be seen at Galerie W and Galerie Art 9. She participated in a number of salons, including the Salon de Montrouge in 2004, Salon de Novembre à Vitry in 2005 and also MAC in 2005. Perlstein’s solo exhibition at Honfleur Gallery in 2007, entitled Tisse sa Toile was well received in Washington DC, leading to an exhibition at the Maison Francaise of the following year.

Perlstein explains, “In reference to the popular imagery of past and present, from here and beyond, I create a world at the same time playful and incisive. Born in Paris in 1966, I studied dance and drawing. Later, I started studies in the field of sociology but quickly found myself forsaking these studies to devote myself exclusively to painting.
I hope that my painting remains “painterly”, that is that one can see the trace of the brush, the tricklings of paint, the alive, organic aspect of the fabric, in short the “matter”. It is also for that reason that I use sometimes the technique of collage. For me, a painting must offer direction to the senses, an axis of reflection spiritual as well as intellectual. To paint is not a gratuitous act, neither for the artist nor for those who regard the painting.”