Cyril Anguelidis

Formed by his nomadic experience in urban life, Cyril Anguelidis is a graphic modeler, urban illustrator, and digital painter. He takes his inspiration from the heart of New York, Paris or Bombay, and the excessive and exultant energy of those megalopoli. His brut aesthetic- electric colors and generous forms, is a testimony to their extravagance.

“I think that a painting must reproduce the world that it observes, and I engage myself in that task. My pages evolve, functioning like society. I impregnate the work with discussions of life, with general ambiance. In the summer, for example, I do not go to a deserted beach….. no, where I go there is not even room for a napkin- I am in the middle, I listen, there’s lots going on, and thus I go shopping for my impressions.”

Anguelidis’ artworks include original digital works on vinyl and limited edition Digigraphie prints on paper. Presentation of his original artworks includes experimental framing using welded steel scaffold frameworks, industrial grommets, hardware and commercial signage materials. Anguelidis maintains his digigraphie studio in Paris, and exhibits his works in Paris, Miami, Beyrout, Monaco

About the Artwork

Cyril Anguelidis’ large scale urban landscapes are portrayed with a mixture of photographically based, digital painting, often referred to as numerical painting, creating vibrant, urban street scenes. Layer upon layer of visual information portray metropolitan areas throughout the world from New York to Bombay.

Hot dog carts from New York City, food vendor carts from Dehli and other everyday objects are the cartoonlike focal points for scenes which spiral outwards in a maze of buildings, signage, text, lights, streets, screens, and cars. Cities of the world, sketched and reworked, emerge from the page in a tumultuous yet realistic hubbub.

The boundaries of real and fictional are blurred as the images overlay and become woven of the same fabric. The raw energy of Anguelidis’ imagery is a successful counterpoint to the sophisticated technology used to create these artworks.