charlotte l’harmeroult

Charlotte L’harmeroult

Charlotte L’Harmeroult was raised in an artistic family surrounded by painters, sculptors and writers since the age 15 years. Charlotte often assisted her father, Jean Noel LHarmeroult, acclaimed international photographer for his work within the elite Paris Fashion Industry.

As an emerging artist, Charlotte drew from her familial experiences first showing at local bars, restaurants and alternative spaces. In this past year Ms. L’Harmeroult was discovered by Santina Coerezza, the Director of Oestraka Nomade Gallery, who presented her to Claire Haquet. Ms. Haquet offered Charlotte L’Harmeroult’s a solo exhibition at her gallery ‘La Vie de Bohème’ in Broglie, (Normandy) in October 2008.

Charlotte mixes different techniques ~ drawing, photography, painting, and video. She is currently working on a new Video Concept about the ‘Prism of Colors’ in conjunction with a fellow emerging composer, Noob.