Arie Mandelbaum

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1939, Arie Mandelbaum’s experiences during his formative years as a young Jewish boy during WWII have heavily influenced his life’s work. Mandelbaum began studies at the Academie of Beaux-Arts starting in 1957. Childhood memories, socio-political commentary and intimacy form the main content of Mandelbaum’s artwork.

Mandelbaum’s artworks are studies in tempera, pencil, charcoal and gouache on paper. The works, large in scale and presented on stretched linen, defy description in their subtlety, power, rawness and beauty. Vast, spare canvasses are mesmerizingly white, yet when the viewers eye adjusts to the page and “learns” the visual language within, world’s are revealed—spanning a range of emotions, intimate to violent, angry to loving.

Mandelbaum, with over 40 solo exhibitions to his name, is the subject of multiple texts and films. These include a monograph by Bernard Noel, published in 1991, a film by director Boris Lehman, and a review by the author John Berger. His works are in the most major collections of contemporary art in Belgium, including the Collection de L’Etat, the Cabinet des Estampes, the Jewish Museum of Belgium, Musee d’Ixelles, and the collection of the Belgian National Bank. Mr. Mandelbaum lives and works in Brussels, with an annual studio residence in New York.

**NOTE: Due to the subtle nature of artwork created by Arie Mandelbaum, images have not been included as the works are not well represented through photographic means at this time. Please schedule an appointment to see the work. All works are charcoal and tempura on paper, often mounted on linen.