Into the Light: urbancode

Reprinted from urbancode magazine

RUN To “Into the Light” at Honfleur Gallery

The Honfleur Gallery of Anacostia is presenting a collection of artwork that is thematically based on one or all of the following topics, Light, Innovation or Optimism. A call for artists (January 2008) was intentionally left abstract for each artist to interpret the concept as they see fit. An array of perspectives on just what, “Into the Light” really means were discovered. From religious to literal, the exhibit explores everything from photography to threedimensional design, not to exclude artwork that is actually based on light itself.

Pictured: Craig Kraft will include his very subtle and beautiful sculpture of a person praying. The sculpture is then lit from below with purple neon light. -Prayer Pose Craig Kraft

This juried exhibition includes the following artists; Mark Planisek (DC,) Joan Belmar (DC,) Cathlyn Newell (MA,) Phil Stein (PA,) Emily Erb (PA,) Lynn Silverman (MD,) Craig Kraft (DC,) Marie Cobb (MD,) and Kendall Nordin (DC.)
Each exhibitor brings something interesting to the exhibit. Expect to see photography, video installation, silk batik, and three-dimensional design in this unique group show. Further, a group installation led by Marie Cobb incorporates origami prayers attached to wires in an array of colors which will hang through the Honfleur atrium similar to that of a free floating mobile. This piece will reach almost 25 feet in length and is titled “Incense.”

If you are looking for inspiration this is the exhibit to see. The Exhibition runs from March 29th. to Saturday May 3rd.

The Honfleur Gallery is Historic Anacostia’s newest fine art space.
Located at 1241 Good Hope Road SE, its close proximity to 395, Capitol Hill and to the Anacostia Green Line Metro make it easily accessible for those unfamiliar with the neighborhood. The gallery is open Tuesday–Friday from noon to 5pm and Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. For more information call 202-536-8994.