Honfleur Concert Series

Honfleur Gallery hold annually a small concert series. This series offers a diverse range of musical programming presenting everything from contemporary classical ensembles to alternative rock bands: Specifically, past performers include; The Analog Arts Ensemble, Christylez Bacon, The Cornell West Theory, Butch Warren, Cephas & Wiggins, Nate Bell and many more.

Honfleur is Closed

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Honfleur is Closed 

Rhymes With Opera perform @ Honfleur

Free Concert at Honfleur Gallery:

Saturday, December 3rd @ 1pm

Saturday’s program includes “KETAMYTH,” a tripped out tale of ketamine and the near-death experience; a musical setting of “Goblin Market,” the Christina Rossetti poem about two sisters seduced by goblins; “Numbers/Dates” (sadness, despair, disgust, contempt), an exploration of emotions and the voice.
“KETAMYTH” composed by Ruby Fulton with words by Baynard Woods. “KETAMYTH” directed by Britt Olsen-Ecker, performed by RWO (Elisabeth Halliday and Bonnie Lander, sopranos; Robert Maril, baritone; George Lam, conductor and violin; Ruby Fulton, accordion and laptop).
“Goblin Market” composed by Douglas Buchanan and “Numbers/Dates” by Thomas Limbert.
Preview the band at: www.rhymeswithopera.org
Press/Questions: Amy, 202-580-5972
Concert is funded in by the NEA.

Free Concert: Janel and Anthony

Friday, November 18th at Honfleur Gallery

Music duo JANEL & ANTHONY with Baltimore band, Yeveto

Doors at 8pm, performances start at 8:30pm. Free!

JANEL AND ANTHONY are a Washington D.C. based duo whose elegant experimental music has been featured on NPR and the BBC, and have gained the attention of some of the worlds most important improvisers and musicians. Established in 2005 in Vienna, Virginia, they recorded their debut album “Janel and Anthony” in 2006 and have sold thousands of copies at the countless shows they’ve played since. After exhilarating and exhausting years on the move—touring, collaborating and recording—the pair has finished their second album “Where is Home,” an ethereal effort soaked in the apprehension and excitement of wanderlust.

@ Honfleur Gallery 1241 Good Hope Rd. SE Washington DC, 20020

Questions/press contact: 202.580.5972

This concert is funded by the NEA.

From DCist: “Extraordinary”- “Janel & Anthony are a cello and guitar duo that have added fantastic touches to anyone with whom they’ve collaborated but are a special brand of mesmerizing when they play their own songs. Too off-center to be either classical, folk or jazz compositions, Janel & Anthony’s experimentalism is a must-see event.”

More details: janelandanthony.com and yeveto.bandcamp.com/

Butch Warren and Freddie Redd

Honfleur presents an evening of jazz with two legendary performers on September 30th, Butch Warren and Freddie Redd.

Warren known for his work between 1959 and 1967 performed with such jazz greats as Thelonias Monk, Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon. Feddie Redd, known primarily for his role and playing in the infamous film, “The Connection.”

This show is not to be missed! This Friday, September 30th. Doors open at 7pm. 

(image credit: Butch Warren by Antoine Sanfuentes)