Jean Francois Rauzier

Coining the term “hyper-photo” for his surreal, larger-than-life photographic scenes, Rauzier incorporates extremes of scale to his advantage. While the artworks, which range from 6 feet wide up to nearly 25 feet, feel dramatically expansive, the minute level of detail draws the viewer in to examine the picture within inches of the surface to notice even the most subtle detail. Scenes feature floating armchairs, mounds of newspapers, hundreds of improbably located picture frames, myriad alarm clocks, which appeal on a whimsical yet sophisticated level. Other works show populations of Lowry-esque be-suited men in various collective pursuits homogenized beneath dark glasses and suits in urban environments.

Born in 1952, Jean-François Rauzier lives and works in France. His artworks have been exhibited in France, the USA, Germany and Switzerland. He is the winner of the 2008 Acrimbaldo Award, an endowment bestowed each year on one contemporary digital artist. In 2010 Jean Francois was invited to exhibit at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C.